Sunday, February 1, 2009

He built his own Royal Enfield V-twin

Awesome. That is all you can say about this YouTube video of a young man in Colombus, Ohio who has created his own Royal Enfield V-twin motor by combining two 350cc Bullet motors. He announced his accomplishment to the world with this message on the Royal Enfield Yahoo message board:

"Greetings my fellow Enfielders,

"I am very happy to share with you the news of the promising first fire-up of my 5 year long project: a 700cc V-twin Enfield engine. Sketched, designed, CAD modeled, built the patterns in the wood shop myself, did get the castings poured at a proper foundry, machined the whole thing myself too. This is the short version of the story -- lots of obstacles on the way, will tell more later. If you guys are wondering WHY DO IT, the Carberry's already there, well, I had a lot of effort and dreaming put in already, and I decided to go ahead anyway for the sheer enjoyment and learning experience. As it turned out, the Carberry, gorgeous though it is, is well beyond what I can afford.The video is not great quality, but please turn up the sound and bass. More later, next step is installing in the frame, waiting for warmer weather and test riding!"

He signs his name aniketvardhan and he promises more information later. For one young man to do on his own what Carberry in Australia worked so hard to accomplish is just remarkable.

Carberry's V-twin Enfield is 1,000cc and it is being prepared for production, major differences. But Carberry is a professional concern and even it has hit so many snags that its website admits early estimates were too optimistic and the first five bikes will not be ready for delivery until the end of February.

Aniket Vardhan's video is also worth watching because it is so light-hearted and he is so happy to hear his motor run. It is a very funny video, too -- he forgets to turn on the fuel tap. And how did he run the motor so long in an enclosed room without choking? We'll have to wait for his next installment to find out.


  1. Anonymous2/01/2009

    it is an awesome accomplishment. what a sound!

    Was wondering.. what gives you the impression he is from the UK? Him and his pal have american accents and his youtube profile lists him as being from United States.

  2. I thought I saw a reference to the U.K. but now I can't find it. I did not see the profile. I'm a newbie at YouTube. Thank you for pointing this out.

  3. Anonymous2/01/2009

    You blogged it! Thank you thank you thank you.
    Yes, it did get a bit smelly in there with it running but its a machine shop, we sniff awful stuff for a living...I'm sure the aluminum and iron levels in my blood stream are rather high right now, so is the adrenalin.
    Yup, am in Columbus OH and I will definitely be sharing plenty of info and pics with all the Enfield people across the globe! You guys are half the reason i stuck with this for 5 years, the other half was dreaming of this idle which would hopefully sound like a heart beat...and it did!

  4. Anonymous2/02/2009

    Great one pal. Hope rest of the project triumphs too.

  5. Anonymous3/05/2009

    I saw the video on youtube a lot earlier than i read this blog. I must say that it is truly a wonderful acheivement!!

  6. Anonymous3/07/2009

    what happend now Yarrrrr!!!
    i am waiting for more news
    hungry for more man....

  7. xereus1/02/2010

    amazing work !
    u have given me some crazy motor dreams.
    there was something mentioned about an individual being able to book one of these ...
    any chance of seeing it in India?
    i wud love to own one of these

  8. i am also interested in building one for shear love and learning me with the concept and idea and all that is needed..i am mechanical engineering student..i doing it as project.


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