Saturday, January 10, 2009

2003 Royal Enfield is suddenly a 1955

Apparently the fellow advertising the 2003 Royal Enfield motorcycle smuggled into the United States in parts and then assembled has decided he was naive to include that information in his ad. The lastest CraigsList advertisement for the motorcycle simply says:

"I have a 1955 Royal Enfield for sale. This bike has only 300 miles on it, and is like new. Has the 500 cc engine, 4 speed trans, and shifts gears on the right side, not the left."

Previous ads were charmingly honest in describing how the motorcycle was shipped from India bit by bit and then put together. The bike hasn't sold, even though he tried moving the ad from CraigsList to eBay in an effort to sell it. Motorcycles naturally sell faster on eBay, with its worldwide audience. But this one didn't.

Why? Maybe the smuggling aspect scared off buyers. So now the seller is just advertising on CraigsList a "1955" motorcycle that somehow has only 300 miles on it. The advertised price is $3,500.

Judging by the chatter on message boards, lots of people seem interested in importing their own Royal Enfield Bullet from India. If that is what you want, fine. But this fellow's troubles seem to suggest you might have a motorcycle future buyers will shun. Just for reference, here is what the seller's ad said back in September, when I first saw it:

"Up for bid, 1955 Royal Enfield Bullet motorcycle with only 350 original miles. I don't know a lot about this bike, as I received it through a trade. This motorcycle was brought over to the US one piece at a time in 2003 until the entire bike was here, then assembled. Motorcycle was titled a 1955 (Arizona clear titled) because it shifts on the right side not the left like newer bikes. So what you're bidding on is a 2003 motorcycle with a 1955 title... This bike is outlawed in the state of California, but may be registered there because it has a 1955 title, and will not need to pass emissions. This bike comes with no warranty, and you're buying as is."

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