Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Vintage bike, vintage biker, new medium

My daughter sent me an email today asking whether anything was wrong: I hadn't posted anything new about Royal Enfields lately.

Everything is fine. Like most people, I've been distracted by the holidays and visiting family. Rather than riding alone or toiling in the garage I've been shuttling relatives to the beach in the family car. It's a pleasant, unhurried duty that gives me a lot of pleasure.

I do miss blogging. But it's times like these that bring to mind the oddity of using the Internet to communicate about a motorcycle from the age of the singing telegram. Wouldn't I rather just be riding to the chuf-chuf-chuf of my Bullet? Sure I would and, given the choice, I would ride it a long way away from the nearest wireless hot spot.

I bought, and ride, a motorcycle designed in the day because I wanted to escape the rat race, get off "the grid." I wanted to use simple tools to make simple changes in my motorcycle and my life. Points ignition for me! Yet I prefer a fast connection to the Internet...

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