Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Good Major is back, likely not for good

Royal Enfield's most celebrated Internet personality, the probably fictional retired British Army major, Bunty Golightly, has reappeared on the Bullet-Mania Yahoo web site. The delightful and completely aggravating major provides some technical advice ending, as usual, with a trip to the pub.

I've written about Maj. Golightly several times on this blog; check out the links here if you're unfamiliar with the good major. It's wonderful to have him back, if only briefly -- he comes and goes. His previous visit was in March, 2008.

Perhaps this time he will share a more up-to-date photo of himself. I can only hope. In the meantime, he bids us:

"By Jove, talking about the pub - time I was orf! Tally Ho,Your servant.

Maj Bunty Golightly MBH,

Defender of the Kickstart, BSA Owners Club [expelled for mispropriety]"

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