Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Neat details dress up Royal Enfield custom

I couldn't resist adding a couple more pictures of the Royal Enfield bobber created by Mark Leef and Motorcycle Warehouse in Belvidere, N.J. (See the posting below for full details.)

The floating rear fender is really distinctive.

What I really like is the clean way they dealt with the signals. Here's a close-up photo. Note that the lights are completely off the fender.

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  1. Anonymous2/01/2010

    Hi David. Awesome work. ur bike looks simplistic yet beautiful. i had one question though. i was talking to my mechanic here in India about ur design n he said that ur bike must be terrible in balance since u extended the swing arm by a good 6 inches. did u extend the swing arm by 6 inches or pushed the swing arm back by 6 inch. i am sure it must be an extension. but hows ur bike in balance? when you ride it does the balance seem out or wobbly?
    pls reply i would appreciate ur effort. thank you.


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