Monday, December 8, 2008

Royal Enfield bobber looks ready to roll

You don't have to take your Royal Enfield the way it comes from the factory if you are a customer of Mark Leef's at Motorcycle Warehouse in Belividere, N.J. He shared these pictures of a recent Enfield bobber project with us, an orange and black motorcycle that just looks like it wants to roll!

It even looks great in the picture shot before the paint went on.

The bike has a floating rear fender similar to one that Motorcycle Warehouse created for an earlier project. It gives the machine a definite rigid motorcycle look.

Mark advises: "When we moved the swing arm back six inches it lowered the bike and worked out real well. Just so you know, the bike handles beautifully with the longer wheelbase. A ton of fun to ride."

Motorcycle Warehouse offers customs "mild to wild" in addition to kits to make your Royal Enfield unique.

I asked Mark what this bike would cost to build. His reply:

"Let me give you a little background.
  • Swing arm moved back six inches.
  • 32mm Mikuni carb.
  • Air filter.
  • Invert the handlebars.
  • Rear fender made from an old BSA front fender, weld in the gussets and struts.
  • Mustang gas tank.
  • Fabricate fake oil tank to house the electronics.
  • Chrome gas cap.
  • Old style chopper mirrors.
  • Mini DOT bullet lights and control module.
  • Hot Rod Flats copper metal flake paint job.
  • Leather Ultima seat and fabricate seat mounts.
  • Bullet valve caps.
  • Chrome caps on all the engine Allen heads to dress up.
  • That's most of it!
"Price: About $8,000 when all said and done, including the cost of the bike. This project took about two weeks to complete from conception to completed product."


  1. Hi, I love your work, to me the best brains in the business. i am from india and hope to make my bike look just like yours. Was hoping you could send me a close up pic of the rear construction or give me clear cut instructions on this inspiration.I would be glad to become a follower.

    Great Brains Sir.....

  2. Definitely the best RE mod I've seen without taking away the original good stuff and the feelgoods of ridin a Bullet.
    I am planning a mod on the same lines and I've a question. Why did you choose to move the swingarm by 6 inches rather than extend it?
    Any help is appreciated.

    AND.. you've got an awesome ride. Happy thumping!!!


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