Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Old Enfield carried rider to adventure

This blog followed Gordon May's long ride from Manchester, England, to the Royal Enfield factory in Chennai, India. Now the complete story of how a 1953 Royal Enfield Bullet was restored to carry its rider overland to India is out in book form. Details on how to order the book are here. Price with delivery charge to the U.S. converts to $23.

May is not promising delivery of the book by Christmas outside the United Kingdom.

The book should provide more details about May's multiple escapes from bandits, the rough roads, bad rooms, dust storms and encounters with Pakistani commandoes. Having followed his travelogue, we can be sure he also will recount the many human kindnesses he was shown.

May certainly proved himself the equal of every setback but so too did the 1953 Bullet, which carried on past wear and tear and a bad crash. And it did so heavily loaded. It's an inspiring story for those of us who feel guilty when we don't wash and wax our Enfields after a ride to breakfast on a sunny Sunday morning.

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