Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Royal Enfield bar etiquette

Here at the Three Down bar it doesn't take much to start a row. A perfectly nice fellow says "You ought to change the oil in a Bullet every 500 miles." There'll be a moment's silence as the rest of the regulars decide whether to let it pass.

Someone will gently respond "That's kind of often, isn't it? And it will turn out that the first fellow has thought long and hard about it and has 19 reasons why you should change the oil every 500 miles and arguments to counter every argument against it.

And we're off and running.

It's all perfectly fine as long as, at the end of the evening, everyone drops it.

The object of visiting a bar is to be able to talk to anyone about anything. It doesn't matter who wins.

Sometimes men forget this. I understand. Over the years we've only really had one fellow who either didn't know it in the first place, or chose to ignore it.

His name was Matthew. More about him in a bit.

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