Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Royal Enfield, Vladivostok to Scotland

John Rhodes' earthy account of his journey by Royal Enfield Bullet across Russia and through the EU to Scotland is on his blog. He is pictured above before the journey and, below, at the Scottish border.

John found getting off his intended route (lost) usually meant finding nicer countryside more suited to the Enfield. A McDonald's hamburger in Moscow was a welcome treat. At St. Petersburg he experienced the pleasure of the first soft toilet paper for 10,000 km.

Breakdowns were inevitable. Waiting for parts to arrive from England, John wrote:

"Whilst sitting and pondering things my beer arrived at the table. There's something about a glass of well poured beer that is so comforting. Maybe its the familiar item in unfamiliar setting. Is the familiar enough to offset the unfamiliar? Not sure at this point... maybe need to have another just to see."

Naturally shy at first he learned that a broken down Enfield was the perfect introduction to wonderful and helpful people everywhere. John promises a full account, and more pictures, eventually, at his website.

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