Friday, September 15, 2023

Don't kick Royal Enfield Scram 411

Royal Enfield Scram 411 rear view.
Who wants a Scram 411? 

 Royal Enfield introduced its Scram 411 motorcycle with a video showing young men hooning around, raising dust clouds and generally being obnoxiously enthusiastic. 

(Note that there are no women in the video.) 

"Is the Scram 411 what Royal Enfield customers want?" I asked at the time

The answer to that just came in an email from Scram 411 owner Nicola Farr, of the UK. 

Here is what an experienced woman motorcyclist says about the Royal Enfield Scram 411: 

"I would love to see a review of the 2023 Scram 411, as I see a lot of negatives being pointed out in reviews like Ryan does in his FortNine video.

Man kicking a Royal Enfield Scram 411.
YouTube vlogger Ryan kicks a Scram 411.

"I’ve recently bought a new Scram 411. Now I have years and years experience of riding motorcycles (I started in 1975 riding and always had a motorcycle on the road).

"Why did I buy a 400cc motorcycle? I have a Fireblade in the garage, a Versys, and several Bultacos, a GasGas, and I’ve just sold two WR400F bikes.

"Well, as I see it the roads are busier than ever these days, the UK government has a passion for all sorts of speed cameras, so you can’t open your big bikes up like you could; this is where the Scram's pure experience comes into play.

It’s cheap to buy, cheap to run, has a 6,000 mile service interval; the latest are injected rather than a carb; I’ve got 97 mpg on a full tank to a full tank while running in.

"Yes, it’s built to a price point that makes it affordable for the Indian market. But it also makes it affordable in other countries.

"I’ve finished running mine in just today: 1,310 miles.

Woman rider seated on Scram 411.
Nicola Farr of the UK knows motorcycles.

"I’ve ridden fast highways and single-track country lanes on it during the running in period. I must say what a fantastic bike it is. I really can’t fault its performance and reliability up to this point; the smiles per miles are way beyond what my imagination expected or I could have hoped for. 

"So much so I haven’t ridden my other bikes all summer!

"Yes I get passed by bikers and cars  but I get to see the world as I pass, instead of a blur at 100 miles per hour. The journey has suddenly become more important than the destination, which is what I remember riding to be all those years ago.

"The navigation on the Scram, and the other models to that point, takes time to understand and any lag is down to the phone and the phone’s ability to get a signal, etc. The UK bikes phone app is behind the release in the home market so it could improve if it’s released world wide.

"So would I repeat my purchase if I could rewind time? YES, every single time. It rides well, feels right, it has been reliable, economical and it has good looks, and loads of accessories are available

Scram 411 near the beach.
Royal Enfield Scram 411 appreciates the scenery.

"The seat is comfortable on the Scram for all day riding. I’ve fitted a few extras like hand guards,  engine bars in case I drop it and a rack to carry my day's essentials on a ride.

"As I was rolling down past the beautiful Welsh countryside, I thought this Royal Enfield I own is probably going over roads that had been ridden on by much earlier Enfield model bikes, over 100 years before me!  

"I bet they were equally impressed with their Royal Enfield bikes as I am with my Scram! The valleys rang with the dependable thudding of the engine exhaust sound as I took the twists and turns of the narrow road. Climbing the twisting lane it was music to my ears for sure.

"The pure riding experience of the Himalayan Scram stays with you, long after you have returned home and had a coffee in your favorite armchair awaiting your next excuse to go for a ride."


  1. I bought a Scram several months ago. I kind of liked the Himalayan but it was too ugly to look at. The Scram fixes the cosmetics while still providing the same practicality and off-road capability. RE's marketing for it is truly off-base, IMO. It has replaced my Bonneville as the bike I choose most often to ride. Surprises even me to type that.

  2. Anonymous10/14/2023

    Nicola should write a blog (if she isn't already) about all her adventures. I enjoyed reading her account of the bike!


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