Thursday, August 25, 2022

Here comes the Royal Enfield Scram 411

Three Scram 411 motorcycles ride in dirt.
Get out of the way. Here comes the Scram 411.

 The Royal Enfield SCRAM 411 will appear in U.S. and Canadian dealerships as early as September. OF THIS YEAR! 

The Scram 411 is a street scrambler, based on Royal Enfield's popular Himalayan adventure motorcycle. Its Himalayan (the mountain range) bones mean you're welcome to take the Scram 411 off road if you want. 

The 2023 Royal Enfield Scram 411 will retail for $5,099 USD, $6,749 CAD, Royal Enfield North America said.  

It announced the Scram 411 in an unusual press release. It actually boasts about what you don't get with the Scram 411. 

"The Scram 411 sheds the distinctive engine guards, windshield, center stand and rear rack of its adventure-touring counterpart, leaving a delightfully agile, freshly styled ADV crossover motorcycle." 

Scram 411 retains the high ground clearance and foot-on-the-ground seating welcome in the dirt. 

BONUS PLUS: "The first 1,000 units in North America will feature the Royal Enfield Tripper Navigation, a simple and intuitive turn-by-turn navigation pod that pairs with your smartphone via the Royal Enfield App. Royal Enfield will also offer an all-new Scram 411 Collection of apparel and Genuine Motorcycle Accessories," the press release said. 

Scram 411 motorcycle parked at curb.
Downtown, where it will often be found, is Scram 411 in White Flame.

The Scram 411 comes in seven different color schemes, none of them chrome. Leave it out in the rain if you want. 

The styling makes it clear that the Scram 411 came to have rough fun. It's clearly no cruiser.

Royal Enfield introduced the Scram 411 with a video of young people aggressively skating boarding, stunting (on bicycles) and generally cutting up.

In other words, young people are pictured doing the kinds of stuff they shouldn't do on a motorcycle, on the street.

The video ought to have come with a warning label: "Caution. Professional skate boarder. Closed skate park. Do not attempt."

It's only a commercial. People use motorcycles for fun, but really put on the miles going to work and school.

The Scram 411 promises to be a useful multi-purpose tool with styling that says its rider is no drone.

As usual, Mark Wells, chief of design at Royal Enfield, has thought it out:

"Most scrambler motorcycles focus only on aesthetics and looks. When we began work on the Scram 411, we were determined to create a motorcycle that would be distinct in design and purpose, and bring the best of rough-road capability to urban riding. With its distinctive look and design, playful colorways, accessible riding proposition, the Scram 411 is an ultimate ADV crossover for the urban environment."

Great! But. Isn't it more difficult to get correct a "crossover" design that offers to do two jobs better than expected, rather than one job as expected?

Motorcycles by nature are fun, versatile, economical, useful, exciting and inspiring vehicles. The Scram 411 checks all those boxes.

Is the Scram 411 what Royal Enfield customers want? Maybe new Royal Enfield customers do. Perhaps that is the point of it.

Scram 411 in Skyline Blue.
Scram 411 in Skyline Blue, one of seven color schemes.
See this post for all seven color options.

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