Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Best photos of 2023 Dania Beach show

1973 Triumph Hurricane X-75
Still eye-catching, the 1973 Triumph X-75 Hurricane with Craig Vetter bodywork was meant for BSA and so got BSA's forward-canted version of the Rocket three-cylinder motor. BSA folded first, so the motorcycle, still a BSA at heart, was marketed as a Triumph.

 Here's a second set of my photos from the 2023 Dania Beach Vintage Motorcycle Show Jan. 28 in Florida. (For more, see my previous post.)

1962 Velocette Venom.
1958 was the first year for the Velocette Venom 500cc single. 

1958 Velocette Venom.
This Venom gleams. Note the under-tank tire pump.

1962 BSA Spitfire Rocket Gold Star scrambler.
1962 BSA Spitfire Rocket Gold Star scrambler.

Circa 1923 Cleveland A2 motorcycle.
Looking factory fresh is this circa 1923 Cleveland A2 two-stroke.

Fuel cap for circa 1923 Cleveland A2.
Only the time-worn fuel cap gives away the Cleveland's age.

1963 Cusman Silver Eagle.
Highly styled 1963 Cushman Silver Eagle. Too much of a good thing?

1966 Suzuki T10 two-stroke.
1966 Suzuki T10 250cc twin two-stroke for sale at the swap meet.

1966 Suzuki T10 250cc twin two-stoke.
Suzuki headlamp wears a frown only a Kabuki dancer could love.

1938 Indian Four.
Indian Fours returned to conventional side-valve layout for 1938, giving up on the controversial "upside down" engine. Indian's extravagant full front fenders were yet to come, as was plunger suspension.

1932 Speed-O-Byke.
1932 Speed-O-Byke (the circle around the star insignia represented the letter "O"). Realistic looking cylinders were painted on pressed tin and the rack looks like the grate of a steam radiator cover.

1932 Speed-O-Byke.
Child-sized Speed-O-Byke had chain drive, a coaster brake, balloon tires, fenders and a sprung seat. Expensive during the Depression, it was often the prize in contests meant to draw children. See this period YouTube video of Spanky of the "Our Gang" movies demonstrating one.

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