Saturday, January 28, 2023

A Royal Enfield to admire at Dania show

Royal Enfield modified into trail bike.
Here's a clean and purposeful looking vintage Royal Enfield.

 Most years I'm lucky to see even one Royal Enfield motorcycle at the Dania Beach Vintage Motorcycle Show, here in Florida. In fact, most years, that lone Royal Enfield will be MY Royal Enfield, sitting where I parked it while I attended the show! 

This year, there was at least one other Royal Enfield at the show. But, yes, it too was in the parking lot. 

It was a U.S.-spec 500cc iron-barrel Bullet, modified into a purposeful looking trail bike. 

I admired its svelte tank, not that I would ever give up the lovely tank on my stock Bullet, with its hand-painted pinstripes. But, for trail work the little peanut on the parking lot bike looked businesslike. 

Steering damper on Royal Enfield.
Real reflector rather than reflective tape is a nice touch. 

There was a tidy steering damper. But I also liked the crisp appearance of the small round reflectors mounted on the forks. Made with metal, not plastic, and well tucked in, they may not be outstanding as safety devices but they seem more vintage than the adhesive reflector strips stuck to my Enfield. 

I can't quarrel with the handlebar placement of the Tiakia phone mount. Not hidden but not glaring, either. Everything on this bike, including the mirrors, looked tucked in.

Horn mounted under Royal Enfield headlight.
Small horn finds a place under the nacelle.

The only thing I could find to change would be the left-side toolbox (the right-side box was removed to accommodate routing of  the high exhaust). The left-side box is not objectionable in itself, but it is black, perhaps the original color of this silver motorcycle. It clashes, but it certainly is a genuine touch.

What else did I see at the show? Read on.

1961 Triumph TR6R Trophy.
Many Triumphs, none prettier than this 1961 TR6R Trophy. 

1960 Norton Model 99 Dominator.
1960 Norton Model 99 Dominator Deluxe, a 650cc built to do 100.

1929 Douglas B/29 motorcycle.
1929 Douglas B/29, first Douglas with a saddle tank.
Amp meter mounted in rear of headlamp.
Many makers mounted the amp meter in the headlight nacelle, but rarely so emphatically as this. Douglas made the others look like afterthoughts.

1959 Ariel Square Four motorcycle.
1959 Ariel Square Four, last year for this gorgeous bike.

Motor of 1959 Ariel Square Four.
The Ariel Square Four was smooth but by 1959 the market wanted power

Side of Ariel Square Four motor.
Ariel made sure you knew this motor was special. Packing the equivalent of two parallel twin motors into the space of one it was a unique.

Child photographed on motorcycle at show.
There seemed to be a lot more kids at the show this year.

Vintage tools offered for sale.
Wonderful old space-saving tools for sale at the swap meet.

Pope motorcycle at Dania Beach show.
Ignored behind a tent at the swap meet is what I took to be a 1912 Pope Model H. Its belt drive was splayed on the ground.

Vintage suitcase with travel stickers.
Vintage suitcase, about the perfect accessory for an old bike.

Old kiddie rocket ship.
Old wooden rocket ship in the bicycle area may have been a carnival ride as there were no pedals.

MGA roadster custom racer.
MGA racer was an unexplained presence.

Interior of MGA roadster customized as racer.
As a young man I owned an MGA, but...

Front of MGA roadster/racer. assured, mine never looked this good.

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