Friday, May 28, 2021

Get my RoyalEnfields blog in your email! Please!


UPDATE: Changes in the way my blog sends out emails is temporarily resulting in readers who already subscribe receiving two emails, one sent as before and one the new way, which asks that they CONFIRM their subscription. YES! Please confirm. And please put up with the two emails coming for awhile. That is to end in July. Thank you for reading and supporting my blog.

Many of you readers already are signed up to get an email every time I post a new item here on

THANK YOU! You are my most loyal readers and I appreciate your time, attention, and the comments you leave setting me straight when I fall down.

Today's item also is directed to those who haven't already signed up to GET MY BLOG BY EMAIL.

If you aren't already getting emails from I'm asking you to go, right now, to the GET MY BLOG BY EMAIL box on this page. Enter your email address in the white box and hit the "Submit" button.

If you do this, you will (I hope!) begin getting an email every time I add a new item to

That way you will be notified every time I share my precious new, tips, thoughts and prayers about Royal Enfield motorcycles.

You should care about these because just like me you own, love, hate or just find Royal Enfield motorcycles the most fascinating topic on Earth.

You don't want to miss stories like the one about how my Royal Enfield wouldn't start because the carburetor blew off.

Or the time my Royal Enfield wouldn't start because the valves got out of adjustment.

Or the time my Royal Enfield wouldn't start because I'd forgotten to attach the ignition wire to the spark plug.

You get the idea.

Why am I asking you to do this now? Well, the old way readers signed up to get by email is going away.

It's PROGRESS. The old way of signing up for emails is going the way of the kickstarter, push rods, points and internal combustion. The new way will be better. I hope.

When you SUBMIT your email address the new way will get a friendly email from Follow.It asking you to CLICK HERE TO CONFIRM your subscription to

Do that. Please. Follow.It is the friendly organization that will now be sending out email alerts. You'll see that they also are an easy way to read stories from any website. But never mind the other guys. All I care about is that you continue to receive the oil stained  fruits of my labors.

Everyone, probably including all of you already receiving regular (weekly) emails from may have to perform another step or two.

Follow.It may look like it wants you to subscribe to The New York Times. To find your content you many need to click on "My News" at the top.

Example of Follow.It  webpage
If this is what you see, click on "My News" at the top.

Example of link to latest RoyalEnfields item.
This is what you're looking for, the latest RoyalEnfields item.

Hopefully this will be "set it and forget." But as with any old Royal Enfield motorcycle, that's rarely how things work out.

Thank you for taking the time and effort.

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