Friday, July 6, 2018

The Royal Enfield starting mistake I always make

I recently blogged about the 10 steps you perform in kickstarting a classic Royal Enfield Bullet motorcycle.

There is actually an 11th step I invariably do — after the first 10 don't work!

There I am, kicking and kicking. I check the petcock. Gas is on. I check the kill switch. It's on "Run." I check the ignition; re-position the piston to the ideal spot; plan my kick carefully so I follow through completely.

And — nothing.

So, eventually, I decide to take my own advice on what to do when a Royal Enfield Bullet won't start.

I get comfortable. I take off any riding gear I've donned. Perhaps I get a soft drink. I just relax.

And it's usually then, looking casually at the Bullet, that I'll notice it: The high-tension wire to the spark plug. It's off.


I took it off the last time I removed the spark plug to clean it. I should have put it back on when I put the plug back in.

The high-tension lead doesn't do any good if it's not on the spark plug.
But, for some reason, I don't always do that. The Bullet only has one spark plug. It can't start without that spark.

I've learned this lesson before. More than once.

Apparently, I am doomed to learn it again from time to time.


  1. Ken Bleeker7/07/2018

    you are..err, human
    one good thing with an RE Bullet, you can get to the spark plug without deconstructing the bodywork

  2. It's watching you, they always do. You only have to make a small mistake and a bullet will take it's chance just to see if you are worthy to own it.
    Only after understanding this will your bullet be on your side, see...


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