Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Royal Enfield 650 twins sparkle someone else's eyes

It's hard to ignore Royal Enfield's new 650 twins.
I'm sitting at the Royal Enfield Himalayan launch event, salivating over a different Royal Enfield. To my surprise, Royal Enfield had brought the new 650 twins, not yet introduced to the United States.

Sexy, sleek and presumably faster than the trials-style Himalayan, the Continental GT 650 cafe racer and INT650 Interceptor can't help drawing attention.

I'd seen them at the Long Beach International Motorcycle Show, but they were on pedestals there, giving off a definite "look but don't touch" vibe. At the Himalayan launch the new twins sat the floor near the bar. They seemed approachable and, when others tried swinging a leg over them I wasn't too shy to try myself.

Of course they felt great, although sitting on a motorcycle inside a banquet hall is bound to feel a bit foolish.

Sleek and sexy looking Royal Enfield 650 twins.
Still, if anything, they were more attractive when seen at ground level than they had been on the show floor.

I can't say they felt light. I'll call them substantial, like my own iron barrel Royal Enfield Bullet. But with much more power they certainly promise to turn frisky on the road.

While the Himalayan certainly impresses — one moto-journalist present called it "the perfect going to college motorcycle" — the 650 twins looked like more ultimate joy.

My college room mate, back in the day, had a gorgeous Triumph Bonneville and a very pretty girl friend. The guy, the girl and the British motorcycle made an impressive sight on a Spring day. That was long ago.

Last I heard, he had married the girl. That guy and that girl grew up and moved along.

But it looks to me as though Royal Enfield is bringing back that motorcycle, at least. Is there one in your plans for next Spring?

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    David - Thanks. I enjoyed the above write-up.


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