Monday, March 12, 2018

Gallery of photos of Royal Enfield Himalayan motorcycle

Looking like a motorcycle gang just hitting town, members of the press
go looking for trouble on the new Royal Enfield Himalayan adventure motorcycle.
Disclosure: Royal Enfield provided transportation, accommodation, food, entertainment and keepsakes to me at this product launch. The following opinions are my own.

Professional photographers stalked the launch of the Royal Enfield Himalayan last week, capturing official photos that showed the new adventure motorcycle in use on road and off.

I even turned up in two of the least exciting photos distributed by Royal Enfield North America. Better riders showed off what they — and the Himalayan — can do. Here's a selection of the images I liked best:

Hitting the tracks just right launches a Himalayan.

The Himalayan is capable on road.

Looks as though the inside foot and centerstand will touch down first.

Someone liked the mud puddle.

Off-road course was a winding pathway through woods.

Himalayan reaches for the sky.

Deeply rutted mud threatened to toss riders.

The mud puddle got more treacherous with each passing motorcycle.

Caked with mud.

Fighting to stay upright.

...and losing. Note the substantial skid pad under motor.

Blond hair gives away a rare woman rider.
Women should like the Himalayan's mid-size and low seat height.

My elderly eyes found the small instruments a bit busy.
Tach is at upper right, digital compass at lower right.

Royal Enfield Himalayan, looking a bit too clean.
The tight front fender is quickly removed for off-road work.

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