Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Bunty wants a Royal Enfield twin for Christmas

Maj. Bertram "Bunty" Golightly, Royal Army (Ret.)
He's back. The inimitable Maj. Bunty Golightly, Defender of the Kickstart, is back on the Royal Enfield Yahoo Group, demanding details about the (presumably) upcoming new Royal Enfield twin.

The suddenly outspoken major, absent for a time from the forum, now wants to buy one of the new twin-cylinder Royal Enfield motorcycles as a sidecar hack. He writes:

"Bunty wants to be at the head of the queue for this new twin, by hook or by crook — don't yer know. Grubby Dipstick has been commissioned to build a sidecar and I am desirous of a commencement of the project before the wretch disappears into an old peoples' home."

You can follow his entire rant on the forum. It includes his "British Army remedy" for low morale among group members, who have waited too long for the dreamed-of replacement for the Constellations and Interceptors of yore.

At least we have to wait no longer for news that Bunty is still active, and in fact has stumbled on a cache of Enfields — muzzle loaders — in the dungeons of his family manor, Blotto Hall.

Bunty also hints that he has been on some sort of top secret mission for Her Majesty's Government.

He won't say what it was, but I assume whatever he did would explain Brexit, at the very least.


  1. The motorcycle press in India say the twin will debut in March. They say lots of other things, too, most of it nonsense. However, I sure hope RE doesn't blow this roll-out like they did with the Himalayan's "Footpeg-gate" and the extremely uncomfortable to watch press conference that followed. Get it right this time, for God's sake!

  2. Maybe he'd be better off contacting Aniket Vardan...


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