Saturday, September 10, 2016

Royal Enfield North America opens its showroom/HQ

Royal Enfield North America puts on its best face for the United States.
(John Donlon Photo)
Royal Enfield Milwaukee Grand Opening is from 1 to 7 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 10, 2016 at 226 N. Water St., Milwaukee, Wis. Free to the public.

Today's the grand opening for the Royal Enfield North America showroom in Milwaukee, Wis. It's the continental headquarters as well as a showcase for Royal Enfield motorcycles and gear.

John Donlon got a sneak preview on Friday. He shares his photos and his observations with us:

"Wife and I stopped by the RENA Milwaukee corporate office and showroom. They occupy a space of approximately (by my calculations) 7,500 square feet. The showroom and accessories sales area is about 2,500 square feet and is in the front of the space facing the street.

Royal Enfields models line up in spacious showroom.
(John Donlon Photo)
"The corporate offices occupy the rest of the space and are still under construction as I write. The rest of the building is to be high-end apartments or condos...

"We met the PR ladies and they are busy squaring away their marketing... and meeting with dealers showing up for meetings.

"I ran into a gentleman from Pennsylvania interested in getting Royal Enfield into his motorcycle showroom.

Royal Enfield's Milwaukee showroom looks inviting.
(John Donlon Photo)
"I asked them about the twin and they are candid about moving what they make now and marketing the bikes at a very select and targeted audience: the back road wanderers, the secondary road travellers, people running errands and shade tree mechanics.

"When pressed about the twin, the PR people said that Royal Enfield is very aware of what it's going to take to expand into the U..S market...

Brand merchandise on display.
(John Donlon Photo)
"Probably the bigger news was the Himalayan in the parking lot next to the building. It was carrying a Distributor license plate so it looks as though that's next in the pipeline. The bike did have a carburetor." (Ed.: So not for sale right now!)

Nostalgia, bare brick displays a pride in the past.
(John Donlon Photo)
...while the Himalayan in the parking lot hints at the future.
(John Donlon Photo)

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  1. Good to see they are thriving and attempting to break into the US market, as they have in UK where they have opened up similar premises.


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