Saturday, November 14, 2015

Vintage motorcycle riders invite your Flying Pea

Riders posed with vintage motorcycles are missing only a Royal Enfield.
I admit I was only going to make fun of the organizers of a vintage motorcycle ride Sunday, Nov. 15 near Los Angeles. I found it amusing that they invited participation by any rider of a Royal Enfield "Flying Pea."

But then I read the rest of their announcement and realized it's a lot funnier than the little jab in the ribs I'd planned to deliver.

Here it is:

"We will start at Riverside Plaza, 3540 Central Ave, Riverside (Cold Stone Creamery). We will travel West along the 91 Freeway using Magnolia. We will invade the Tyler Galleria Mall surroundings. (Rather than raping and mugging we will use our horns to create havoc and instill fear in the innocent citizen shoppers.)

"Once we have instilled fear and panic we will retreat South on Tyler to Indiana (East) so I can pick up my dry cleaning and do some brief grocery shopping.

"Next we will continue East on Indiana to Harrison. After a sharp right turn (South) on Harrison we will turn left (East) on Victoria. We will continue approximately eight miles to University and turn left (West) to Heroes Brewery.

"At this point we can enjoy a good meal and throw peanuts at each other. Some may choose to have beer competitions but I don't recommend it since we will ride back to the Plaza (three miles) afterwards.

"The route is about an hour. If we ride to the top of the parking structure at Tyler Galleria we can line up the cycles and take a really cool picture overlooking the city...

"All that is REQUIRED is that you ride a 1910s-1950s cycle. (Tribute/Replicas are fine.)

"The purpose of our get-togethers is to enjoy the nostalgia of early motorcycling: The good ol' days when cycles didn't have plastic, fuel injection, computers or modern technology."

Wish I could be there. I also wish I had a Royal Enfield Flying Flea to ride.

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