Friday, November 13, 2015

Chris Cross cylinder head runs on a Royal Enfield

Chris Cross cylinder head on a running Royal Enfield Continental GT.
Shawn Chriswell of Longmont, Colo. recently posted a video of his Chris Cross cylinder head design mounted on a running Royal Enfield Continental GT.

It looks and sounds great.

A response from Shawn to a viewer on YouTube even suggests that pre-production "samples" could be available by Spring, 2016.

But Shawn didn't specifically respond to another question, regarding power gain. The hopes he expressed to me were that his design would offer improved mileage and reduced emissions.

Of course, thinking about more power is always sexier for people than coveting more miles per gallon. Shawn told me he was determined to find out what his concept of chris-crossing valves can do.

You can read his illustrated explanation of how he thinks it will work here.

Meanwhile, there's now a web site and Facebook page you can watch for developments.


  1. Anonymous11/13/2015

    Shawn and guys like him........God bless you for your efforts. Just proves the point that RE just isn't building what the US market demands and garage and basement engineers have to do RE's job. The message to RE on this should be that a far more powerful engine is needed........and it's needed now. Sid and his buddies should understand the mantra, "If I have to do your job, then I don't need you."

    1. Anonymous11/16/2015

      I read this comment this afternoon, It means a lot to have your support. There are many days that a man has to bootstrap himself in to action. The average Royal Enfield rider still has that magical touch, that creative spark that lets them be in touch with their motorcycles. RE is a great community. I am thankful for those who support this marque with their heart, like David Blasco, Kevin Mahoney, ACE cafe performance just to name a few. Cheers, and remember always keep the sunny side up -Shawn


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