Friday, December 12, 2014

Vintage Royal Enfield ads sold the joy of riding

"The Home of the Royal Enfield — Bicycle" is the title of a lovely 1913 advertisement showing the Royal Enfield factory in Redditch, England.

I came across it on the Vintage Bicycling blog.

Redditch, home of Royal Enfield.
Yes, it's an ad for bicycles, but it goes on to claim "Today there is no cycle or motorcycle which may be more fitly labelled HIGH GRADE than the evergreen Royal Enfield."

And why is that?

"Picture to yourself a manufacturing town set on a hill right in the heart of the beautiful Midland country. A town with as little sign of manufacturing smoke and dirt as possible, and all around rolling pastures and woodlands. Imagine pure country air, tree-topped hills and a factory set at the foot of them. That is Redditch — and the factory is the home of the Royal Enfield bicycle."

"...The environment of the Royal Enfield workers ensures good work, for one of the soundest industrial truths is that good working conditions make for good craftsmanship."

That's probably true; hopefully the workers who build today's Royal Enfields in India enjoy good working conditions.

This much is true: the description of the Redditch countryside certainly captures the appeal of motorcycling on a Royal Enfield motorcycle.

And here's part of another delightful 1913 Royal Enfield advertisement, again spotted on Vintage Bicycling.
Think of the days you can spend a-wheel on Royal Enfield.

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