Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Original Royal Enfield Continental GT restoration

It's going to take awhile but this Royal Enfield Continental GT will look great.
This original Royal Enfield Continental GT needs a little work, but it's hard not to envy the fellow who now owns it.

"I have acquired my father's RE Continental GT 250, complete with fairing kit and has only seen the road for three years until laid up in 1970!" he wrote.

The owner is member "cb1rocket," writing on the UK-based Bike Chat Forums (BCF). His real name is Greg and he lives in the UK.

I wrote to ask him about it.

"It is indeed a rare machine, maybe a little more common here in the UK but none the less my father wants the machine done up and restored. It is a very time consuming matter for me; I'm into more modern bikes and this is something that has made my mind blow! A lot of research is needed and I have to determine as to why it won't start, which was the main reason for being sat for so long!" he responded.

"I was expecting the worst, a seized engine that wouldn't turn over, however that wasn't the case. Now my mission is on to get a spark out of the ignition circuit and hopefully a running machine prior to strip down and repaint...

"The history on the machine is quite very well intact: my father bought this new in 1967 and rode it until it sadly stopped running. Work took over all his time and unfortunately it was partly stripped and that's how it was left — for the next 44 years until it starts to see attention again!"

I hope he gets it sorted out. It will be great to see this machine back on the road with the new Royal Enfield Continental GTs about.

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