Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Many photos of vintage Royal Enfield motorcycles

Here's a classic looking Royal Enfield military Model CO in civilian dress.
This time it was "a bevy of early Enfields." Reader David Blankenhorn found a fascinating catalog of vintage Royal Enfields on line and before I knew it, my Saturday was gone!

The rich archive of Enfields from the very earliest to the 1940s exists on the Yesterday's Antique Motorcycles site.

Based in Nederweert, Netherlands, Yesterday's acquires and sells old motorcycles of all types and sells them to customers worldwide.

"After 35years of experience we claim to have an extensive knowledge of the world of antique and classic motorcycles," they boast.

This knowledge is on display in their archive of motorcycles (use the simple pull-down menu to find the brand that interests you). Many listings include the history of the brand and a description of the particular motorcycle.

Left pedal on 1928 Model 182 operated the front brake.
Not only do we see the motorcycles, but close-up photos highlight fascinating details: like the Royal Enfield that operated both front and rear brakes by foot pedal!

"While the flat tank models may or may not have scant interest for us, that racing model from 1949 is way, way sweeter than any of the customs I've seen on your blog. And the singles from the late '20s on suggest all sorts of new, creative approaches for customizing contemporary Enfields," Blankenhorn wrote me.

Royal Enfield Model 182 976cc twin.
This was the first year for saddle tanks.
"But, my God, just  take a look at the Enfield V-twins — any or all of them!"

Yes. Take a look. But brace yourself; there are 21 Royal Enfields to look at. Interested in BSA? There are 121 of them!
Magnificent motor of Royal Enfield Model 182 sport twin.
Round gas tank made 1924 ladies' model possible.
1927 Model 350cc single with flat tank.

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  1. Anonymous5/17/2022

    I've got a photograph of my Grandad on the EOU514 Enfield in 1952. He used it to travel between Yeovil to Cheadle.


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