Friday, January 31, 2014

Those who go thank those who show motorcycles

An owner watches as judges finish scoring his machine.
Winners of the 2014 Dania Beach Vintage Motorcycle Show are posted.

I'd say everyone who attended was a winner. Organizers and those who showed their motorcycles, win or lose, deserve the thanks of those of us who merely did what we had to do to find a parking spot.

Which had its moments. Returning to my Royal Enfield I found myself parked in. Luckily a fellow a few spots over was leaving. By heading in his direction I managed to wind my way out of the space I'd chosen.

It was at this moment that someone asked me about my Bullet.

"How old is that one?" asked a fellow on his way into the parking lot.

"1999," I answered, adding quickly "they still make them in India."

Finding my Enfield was only marginally easier because it isn't black.

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