Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Accessories I'd like for my Royal Enfield Bullet

Wouldn't a fender-mounted headlight look great on my Royal Enfield Bullet?
I love the little accessories that make motorcycles special. Vintage details especially appeal. Old-fashioned luggage, bulb horns, cozy toolboxes and clever mascots impress me.

There were plenty of these on view at the Dania Beach Vintage Motorcycle Show Jan. 25.

This year I was captivated by an accessory usually seen on bicycles: a fender mounted Delta headlight seen on a 1939 Henderson bicycle.

This one was in "as found" shape but there were others that looked new; you can still find these in good shape, perhaps as reproductions. One example I saw at the Dania Beach show had been converted to use an LED bulb. Perhaps that one would even cast some light?

Delta fender-mounted bicycle light.
Would I really drill holes in the front fender of my Royal Enfield Bullet to mount one of these? Ehhh. Probably not.

But I'd think about it!

Accessory oil cooler  on a Royal Enfield Fury. 
Ancient Harley-Davidson with Eisenhower era bumper sticker!
Period motorcycle tail light assembly in flea market area.
Ultimate accessory: Vintage goggles to dangle.

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