Thursday, January 23, 2014

Royal Enfield, a classic bike with modern equipment

Royal Enfield riders have to be willing to put up with attention.
"Jeni" in San Ramon, Calif. is offering her 2012 Royal Enfield C5 for sale on CraigsList for $5,900.

It has less than 600 miles but, she writes, "I have to accept I just don't have time to ride."

What caused me to smile at her ad was what she wrote next:

"You have to want to be stopped for gawkers at every stop."

It's inescapable and the thing that impresses Royal Enfield riders no matter how inexperienced. Everyone you meet wants to know about your motorcycle.

You could say that it's only because Royal Enfields are so rare on the ground in the United States. Few people have ever seen one, even in photos.

But my reading of Internet postings from India indicate that it's the same there — in a land where Royal Enfields have been made in the many thousands for more than 50 years and are frequently seen!

What is it about this standard motorcycle and its obviously obsolete styling that draws attention?

Jeni may be on to something.

"Classic bike but with modern equipment," she wrote, in her ad.

Could it be that gawkers sense just that and find it appealing?

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