Friday, January 24, 2014

Made you look: eBay seller uses cheesecake

Beauty and the beast: Do you see a motorcycle in this photo?
The impossibly beautiful female legs visible in this eBay ad for a 2002 Ducati Monster stopped me in my tracks.

I'm not in the least interested in a Ducati Monster, fine a motorcycle that it may be. Female legs, on the other hand, are hard to ignore.

Especially when they're just a little too perfect. You've probably already guessed.

"NICE promo — hope those beautiful legs aren't real," commented one appreciative eBay shopper.

The reply from the seller gave it all away.

"We're a small shop in Paynesville, Minnesota. We call ourselves Zap Cycle, but officially the retail store is called 'Zap Leather and Cycle.' We're a very small shop; I'm not a dealer, but we service Ducati, so sell a few. I rode this one all summer... Anyway, thanks for watching. Check out our Facebook  and website."

So, there's another way to get eyeballs to look at your ad. Plastic mannequins don't need to conform to actual human anatomy, don't get overtime, and don't have to sign modeling releases.

Naked motorcycle in a clothing shop.

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