Monday, September 30, 2013

Royal Enfield Superstar looks great customized

A nice stretch, pan seat and trim rear fender give this Superstar a makeover.
A Royal Enfield Superstar featured twice before on this blog is back and it looks better than ever.

"We emailed back and forth about an interesting Enfield I found on CraigsList in New York," wrote Chris Zeppieri.

"You informed me that it was probably a Bullet Superstar.

Less is always more.
"Well, I couldn't help myself. Moved the swing arm back to another bolt position originally used for the rear rack. Those are the factory springs. Got a new chain, and fabricated a plate/tail light mount.

"Because I am a woodworker — — I felt I needed to add some flavor to this bike so I bent and laminated some stock and shaped that solo pan seat out of solid wood.

Superstar had its headlight separate from instrument panel.
"Also did considerable work in cleaning up the wiring mess. The battery is stored in the left tool box and she rides like a dream!

"Recently brought this to the 5th Annual Brooklyn Invitational Bike Show and it was a hit; had a constant flow of people asking me about it!

Long, low and very clean.
"The (rear) fender is actually a front fender from another bike. I did a lot of modification to put these pieces together; it was a great project.

Racy but not radical.
"And I would totally make more seats if people wanted them!" (Contact him at

The Superstar was a 350cc variation of the Bullet built in the late 1980s in India and never officially imported into the United States. That makes this a very rare bird. It's even more special now.

The Superstar the way it looked stock.


  1. i really like the rear mudguard ..pls let me how did u do it??

  2. I have the Royal Enfield superstar 1984. It's very nice to drive on off-road . I like it very much.

  3. Whats the price?


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