Friday, September 27, 2013

Can you help identify this motorcycle sidecar?

Do you recognize this sweet looking sidecar?
Can you help identify the sidecar attached to this vintage Harley-Davidson? Its owner wants to know and is asking for help. He writes:

"My name is Carl from Germany and I´m desperate for information on the sidecar fitted to my 1946 WLC. Except for a frame number no manufacturer's plate is visible.

"I bought the WLC last spring in Göteborg, Sweden. The previous owner told me nothing about the sidecar, just that this WLC (Canadian model) was owed by his family since 1946.

The sidecar is well sprung.
"So far as I can see from the old papers the sidecar was fitted to the WLC in the early '50s, but the sidecar looks to me an older model from the 1930s. It's on the left, of course, since Sweden drove on the left side until the 1970s.

"The sidecar is metal clad all over.

There's a small cubby behind the seat.
"The English Swallow sidecar (the sidecar maker that became Jaguar cars) looks pretty close to mine.

"The sidecar looks professionally made by a factory.

Frame number is A 292.
"The frame number is A 292."

Can you help Carl? Write to him at

Frame number location.
Nose is well reinforced.
Curved leaf connects to a coil spring (below).
A glimpse underneath. Note coil spring suspension, right.
Long, slim, tapering nose.


  1. This is a very old Steib from Berlin. per Perry at Parry's motorcycles and Sidecars and Royal Enfield of Fort Worth.

    1. Thank you, Michael and thank you Perry. Perry's Motorcycles and Sidecars is at this link.


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