Monday, September 9, 2013

Royal Enfield launches acclaimed new Continental GT

You're going to be reading much more about Royal Enfield's new Cafe Racer.
Motorbike Times recently ran a contest for a pair of VIP tickets to the Royal Enfield Cafe Racer launch party Wednesday, Sept. 11, at the Ace Cafe in London. Winners were promised the chance to "rub shoulders with some of the UK's top motorcycle journalists."

The winners can rub shoulders with me, too, if they want. I'll be there, courtesy of Royal Enfield. I was delighted to be invited.

Full disclosure: not only is Royal Enfield paying my way across the Atlantic from the United States and putting me up, they've promised I will get the chance to ride an actual example of the new Continental GT cafe racer.

Additional disclosure: if, previous to this invitation I was disposed to like the new motorcycle, I am now disposed to adore it. This is the transforming effect of someone else paying the freight.

I feel certain that the "UK's top motorcycle journalists" will thoroughly test the cafe racer's performance. I predict they will suggest that it needs more power. Top motorcycle journalists never suggest than any motorcycle needs less of that.

My perspective as a commuter, not a racer, will lead me to evaluate the cafe racer on my own all-important criterion: How do I look on this thing?

After all, just because I am going from Point A to Point B day in and day out does not mean I can't do it on a motorcycle that sings of rock'n'roll. A motorcycle signifies freedom, even for a wage slave.

(I expect my test ride to be thrilling, mostly because it will be on the "wrong" side of the road, something I've never attempted before on two wheels.)

It's a big moment for Royal Enfield. I'm proud to be there to see it.


  1. Anonymous9/09/2013

    Remember David, it's righty tighty, leftie... oh, I don't know, something like that. Be careful over there on the wrong side of the road, and HAVE FUN! You deserve it!

    ~ Matt

  2. Damn, need someone to carry your bags?

  3. Anonymous9/09/2013

    Ye Gods ! Have RE gorn barmy ,letting Blasco loose on a new motorcycle in Blighty.The chap is bound to get lorst or drop it [or worse] .One hopes they are well insured - indeed so .
    The GT looks a very fine motorcycle , though one suspects that the riding position may be somewhat radical for an aged Floridian .You may have to undo the bottom button of your tweed jacket old boy .
    Squinting through me monocle ,I espy a rather stout twin cradle frame capable ,methinks, of carrying a much wider engine .A twin for the future perchance ? Certainly the geometry suggests a rigid structure with good handling and echoes of Rickman -don't yer know.
    Haven't seen a photo of the beast with the tank orf to see what the top tubes are like , though one suspects a large diameter single tube.
    Now then Blasco orf you go and don't make a ruddy idiot of yourself , try to stay upright and wear a scarf , you might find it rather chilly - quite so .
    I may come down to the Ace for a recce meself , -incognito of course - haar haaaaar haaaaaaaaaaaaaaar!
    Your servant ,
    Maj Bunty Golightly MBH , Defender of the Kickstart .

  4. Driving on the otherside is easy. Just follow the guy in front of you. Can't say where you'll end up tho.

  5. I am humbled by the good wishes of all! Watch this space for a "live" (hopefully) update soon.


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