Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Royal Enfield Continental GT cafe racer gears up

Royal Enfield Continental GT helmet, gloves and jacket.
The Royal Enfield Contiental GT is set to make its debut in London. Journalists and observers (that would be me) here to see it were presented with a letter Monday stating Royal Enfield's intentions.

The company is laying claim not just to a style of motorcycle, but to the legacy of an iconic period in British motorcycling.

The letter is personally signed by Siddhartha Lal, CEO of parent company Eicher Motors Ltd. It reads:

"Welcome to the launch of the all new Royal Enfield Continental GT — a bike that is set to reinvent cafe racing in the 21st Century. At Royal Enfield this is a landmark occasion and we are glad that you could join us here in London, for the first rides and celebration.

"The Continental GT truly embodies what Royal Enfield is trying to accomplish. To make stunning bikes that are truly engaging at every level. It's motorcycling at its purest!

"To experience the bike in its most relevant context, we have tried to put together an authentic cafe racing experience for you during your stay with us. Towards that, we have a full itinerary designed to re-create the magic and nostalgia of the swinging '60s, even as you test out the responsiveness and agility of the bike.

"I hope you have as much fun riding the bike as I did."

Monday night's lesson on the swinging '60s was a walking tour of London to "focus on the 1960's socio-cultural environment with a special focus on music, art, etc." This is indeed how I remember the 1960s: I was walking.

Today about 40 journalists and observers (including me) are to ride the Continental GT. We'll follow a route a biker of the 1960s would recognize, from the Ace Cafe to Brooklands and on to Brighton.

We'll be kitted out in red and black helmets, jackets and gloves emblazoned with the Continental GT brand.

That ought to make a statement.


  1. Anonymous9/10/2013

    Good show Blasco , remember to keep the black rubber bits on the road and not in the air ,there's a good chap.
    Brighton eh ? Roll up your trouser legs and have a paddle in the English Channel , scoff some fish and chips and wear a Kiss Me Quick hat [ not that any gal would want to ,of course ]- haar haaaaar haaaaaaaaaaaaaaar!
    Statement be blowed , at the very least you will get some new togs out of the jaunt -eh what ?
    Your servant ,

  2. They've done it up proper, Major. I think you would be pleased. I did ask if the ignition key was intended as a souvenir as well. Apparently not, as they took it back.


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