Friday, August 2, 2013

Sidecar ride? His dog wags a precautionary tale

What dog doesn't want to ride in a sidecar? This one.
A 2012 Royal Enfield C5 and sidecar went up for sale on eBay in Santa Ana, Calif. when the owner's dog refused to go for a ride.

"Up for auction is a practically new, fresh off the showroom floor, two-week-old motorcycle," the seller wrote.

"Bought it so I could take my dog with me when I ride. We went out one day, did about 70 miles (in short sections) and now she won't go anywhere near the bike...

"I want this thing gone! It pisses me off every time I look at it. I spent a bunch of money (custom harness for the dog, side car and installation) and time with good intentions to have fun but it isn't going to happen...

"All reasonable and some not so reasonable offers will be considered.

"So if you're interested don't wait 'til the end because it might be gone, depending on the offer and how quickly it can be completed, I might take it (did I mention I want it gone!)."

Buy It Now price was $10,000 (and now has been lowered to $8,992).

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  1. Anonymous8/05/2013

    I surmise the seller is a terrible driver , dogs are great judges of character , don't yer know. I rely on me Bullethounds to sniff out dubious characters and then to chase 'em orf the grounds .
    Dogs also possess a great amount of commonsense , far more than their owners in many cases -by gad .
    The man is obviously a nincompoop -quite so !


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