Monday, August 5, 2013

Royal Enfield Model RE for sale with three Harleys

Buy one, get three more? The Royal Enfield is far right.
In what must be the package deal of the (previous) century, an eBay seller in Fort Augustine, Fla. is offering to throw in a 1946 Royal Enfield Model RE and two more little Harley-Davidsons if someone will buy his 1953 Harley-Davidson Hummer.

"Sad part is, I really like (the) Royal Enfield and it's fun to play with," the seller writes.

The 125cc Royal Enfield included in the deal.
All told, the deal includes a 1965, a 1956 and a 1953 Harley-Davidson and the 1946 Royal Enfield. If you meet the reserve price on the 1953 Harley you get all four, the ad says.

It claims that all four motorcycles runs, but only two have titles.

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