Monday, June 3, 2013

Royal Enfield's powerful "thump" makes waves

Shimmering waves in this puddle come and go as a Royal Enfield Bullet revs.
Vibration is rarely considered a positive attribute in a motorcycle. The exception is the Royal Enfield Bullet. The great thumping vibration of the Bullet's big single-cylinder motor is beloved by riders. It's not an unpleasant sensation and is quite a contrast to the buzzy whir of some motorcycles.

I've experienced the excitement of standing next to my Bullet, preparing to go for a ride, and feeling the electric current of its vibration right through the pavement, through the soles of my boots. It literally seems to energize my spirit.

The Bullet's "thump" is especially treasured in India, where an observant Royal Enfield owner noticed that his Bullet made the water in a puddle shimmer as the motor revved. Rishi Doshi made a simple, yet remarkable short YouTube video.

It's well worth watching. Show it to anyone you've ever tried to explain "The Thump" to.

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