Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Royal Enfields are "all steel and paint," dealer says

Old-time hanging sign swings above a Royal Enfield G5.
In its ads, Royal Enfield dealer S-K Service in Hatley, Wis., uses one of the most succinct slogans for Royal Enfields I've ever read:

"All steel and paint."

I like it: it's simple and short, a modern equivalent of "Made Like a Gun."

S-K Service describes itself as "a classic, small town motorcycle shop with an old school flavor. Over 25 years in the same location, S-K Service has been 'a rider's destination.' We are an authorized new Royal Enfield motorcycle dealer."

Their website features an evocative photo of a Royal Enfield G5 posed beneath the traditional hanging sign once so familiar in small town America.

And take a look at this picture of a C5 Classic Chrome in Hatley:

How do we know we're in Wisconsin?

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  1. If you don't add rubber the ride can get somewhat rough :-)


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