Friday, May 24, 2013

Royal Enfield Bullet rides off to war in comic book

A Royal Enfield military motorcycle stars in an online comic book adventure.
There's a second installment of Royal Enfield's "graphic novel" (a virtual comic book) on the company's website.

The exciting story line highlights the Bullet's military origins with a patriotic story featuring a courageous young lieutenant in the Indian army. Of course, the company's motorcycle is the real star. It's a clever marketing device, aimed at young customers.

It also delights old comic fans such as myself. No one likes war, but this adventure story is a guilty pleasure for me.

The graphic novel is well done, earning praise from the Powering Brands blog. They write:

"The concept and excellent action-comic artwork have enough drama to keep the reader interested though the story is still work-in-progress. It would be interesting to see how it culminates. This is a cool idea to keep users hooked."

Each installment ends with "Watch this space for more..." So, hopefully we will see future installments.

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