Monday, June 25, 2012

This customized Royal Enfield is industrial strength

You've never seen a Royal Enfield Bullet quite like this one.
Another custom Royal Enfield Bullet emerges from the Strokers Dallas shop of tie-dyed customizer Rick Fairless. It is bound to be as controversial as Myrna, the "sweet yet sassy" Royal Enfield he created in 2011.

It's called the Aztec. Fairless himself conducts a walk-around explanation of its features and goes for a ride in a YouTube video.

The bike was sponsored by Aztec Bolting, which supplies tools for industrial bolting in applications including wind power generation.

Sport bike controls and an industrial tensioner for the front girders.
Unlike many other custom motorcycles by Rick Fairless, this is no stretched and lowered chopper. It even uses sport bike controls.

A tensioner like those used by the Aztec Bolting company in its products was incorporated into the girder front suspension. CORRECTION: See the second comment below; this is a springer front suspension.

Much of the work went into the tank, which lights up with LED lights. The tail lights were set into the end of frame rails fabricated for the bike after the stock rear section was removed.

Tail lights glow from ends of rear frame rails.
Check out the video:


  1. Matt Law6/25/2012

    I can certainly appreciate the amount of time,money,and hard work that went into producing this's not really my cup of tea,and,quite frankly,I think that it's rather hideous...

    1. Anonymous6/25/2012

      Hideous is a rather mild description old boy .
      Bloody ghastly would be more apropriate ,one hesitates to further describe this monstrosity in case there are women or children reading this page - 'deed so .
      Methinks the builder chappie has lost his marbles and certainly a haircut and a change of shirt are in order as well , quite a disgraceful turnout of machine and man - ye gods !
      AND Blasco you chump , those are springer forks not girders - strewth even my idiot butler Ballsack knows the difference , you're supposed to be a knowledgeable journo - shape up old fellow !
      Mechanical malstruction such as the above is enough to drive one to drink - don't yer know !
      Bottoms up !
      Your servant,
      Maj Bunty Golightly MBH,Defender of the Kickstart ,Companion of the Royal Floatchamber .

    2. Perhaps the hydraulic torque wrench company that sponsored the bike had certain guidelines for the creation of this bike, and hence some of the design is different than what the audience would accept from the Aztec.

  2. Does ignorance know no bounds? You could look at this bike up close for hours and not see all of the details. Something that isn't mentioned about Ricks customs is that they ride well. I rode Myrna and let me tell you that bike could handle and was fast. Being close minded about a bike, any bike is,,,,,,, well close minded.


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