Sunday, June 24, 2012

1936 Royal Enfield Model Z Cycar had full body frame

Rarely seen Royal Enfield is a Model Z "Cycar."
An unusual looking 1936 Royal Enfield motorcycle for sale on eBay is causing some "head scratching" on the Internet. Thanks to the outstanding Sheldon's EMU website, we know exactly what it is.

It is a Royal Enfield Model Z "Cycar," with a 148cc two-stroke motor. According to Graham Scarth, chairman of the Royal Enfield Owners Club, the motor was of Enfield's own design. The Villiers logo shown in the eBay ad may have been added by the owner along with the "Speed Scott" decal on the side, as if to throw off the unwary.

Catalog illustration for the Royal Enfield 1936 Model Z Cycar.
What sets this motorcycle apart is its bodywork. The frame is a single steel pressing enclosing the motor and gearbox. Detachable pressed steel leg shields would have been present originally.

Royal Enfield called the Cycar "An economical, reliable lightweight of unique design, which will take you anywhere and keep you clean." The bodywork kept the oily motor and chain away from the rider while the leg shields and ample fenders protected her from dirt.

The three-speed gearbox is controlled by a slender hand gearshift.

The seller, in Glenmont, N.Y., states that the motorcycle has had one owner since new and that the photos show it as it was kept in his garage until he died.

The motor turns over, the seller states but has not been test started.

Note the hand pump tucked away in bodywork.

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