Friday, June 29, 2012

Royal Enfield motorcycles for sale, not kayaks

What if you clicked on an ad for a Royal Enfield and were invited to go kayaking?
The Royal Enfield motorcycles for sale in the United States listed on this blog are selected from advertisements I find on the Internet. I collect them for your information and — sometimes — for your amusement.

Some sellers make ridiculous claims or set prices so high no one would pay them. Some motorcycles are in such bad condition that no one should consider buying them. Other ads hint at potential paperwork problems. Stay away!

I have no connection to the sellers, and can not vouch for the truth of any of the ads.

Sometimes the problems are of my own making. I clicked on one of the top ads the other day to check if the price had changed and was stunned to be directed to a website about kayaking!

"What is THIS?" I asked my wife Bonnie. She runs her own blog about outdoor activities, little known destinations and tiki bars in Florida. It's called Florida Rambler.

"Oh," she responded, "I must have copied that web address on your computer."

She had, and I had come along and blindly pasted it into a listing for a Royal Enfield for sale.

My apologies to the seller and to the readers. I'll be more careful next time!

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