Friday, May 4, 2012

Royal Enfield racer takes on dirt track

Chris and his Royal Enfield will compete in Dirt Quake.
A Royal Enfield Bullet will compete in Dirt Quake, a more than slightly daffy dirt track event May 19 at Brandon Speedway Stadium, Coventry, UK.

Royal Enfields have competed in many a racing event in their history but, perhaps, never before in anything like the "Inappropriate Road Bike Class" at Dirt Quake. The event will also feature a separate class of choppers racing in the dirt.

Dirt Quake is the creation of Sideburn magazine. The Royal Enfield is entered by "Chris," apparently a graphic designer and dirt bike fan in daily life, in the IRB class.

To be truly inappropriate, motorcycles in this class start by being road legal, with lights (taped) and registration plate. Anything else they can do to be uncompetitive (being a Vespa, for instance) is all to the good. There is a separate class for motorcycles and riders actually equipped for racing.

All classes are full for the event, Sideburn reports. I hope they post the video.

For now, enjoy the promotional video, which emphasizes the chopper racing.


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