Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Royal Enfield chopper goes beyond belief

Spider is a 350cc Royal Enfield Bullet; but you'd never guess it.
It's a Royal Enfield Bullet like nothing you've seen before. The Spider, by Neeraj Kapoor of Jaipur, India is the subject of a recent article in which describes itself as the custom motorcycle database of India.

The Spider perfectly expresses what is "not my style" in a motorcycle, even a Royal Enfield. But you have to admire the determination and workmanship and the controlling dedication to a single concept that brought it about.

It is moving to read the builder's description of what he went through in the course of creating this motorcycle.

"Nobody understood my concept for a long time, no one cooperated in the build, friends ridiculed me at every step, family felt I've lost it, denters fleeced me and gave me bad results, but I hung in there for five years to build Spider."

The results are — astounding.

Now he wants to sell it, but there are no buyers yet at his price. It would take a special person to want to own it, much less ride it.

I don't want it. It's not my style. But I am grateful to Neeraj Kapoor for building it.

As he told "people who termed me an idiot, call me Sir." As well they should.

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  1. "Beyond belief" is a good term to describe it. It is a Royal Enfield and the owner must be proud, but... wow.

  2. Matt Law5/03/2012

    There's a Bullet under all of that?


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