Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Royal Enfield for only $990? That's right

Some lucky buyer got this Royal Enfield for only $990.
A fine looking 2002 Royal Enfield Bullet motorcycle for only $990? That's right. That was the asking price in a CraigsList ad placed in West Richland, Wash.

Mileage was only 7,771 and the motorcycle looked in the pictures to be in great shape. I immediately emailed the seller, pointing out there there must be a typographical error in the ad. Surely the intended asking price was $3,990, I wrote.

Here's the reply I got:

"Nope, priced to sell quick. We listed it a couple of years ago at the Blue Book price and got absolutely no response. Now I am being buried with requests to come look at the bike. So it is probably sold. Don't worry about it."

The ad is gone from CraigsList, so I assume that, indeed, the motorcycle sold at once. What does this prove?
  • Price sells.
  • Bargains are out there.
Does it prove that a 2002 Royal Enfield Bullet is not worth $3,990? No, I don't think it does. I do think that it proves for certain that a 2002 Bullet is worth more than $990.

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