Monday, May 14, 2012

Royal Enfield and sidecar come with free advice

2008 Royal Enfield sidecar rig for sale.
A 2008 Royal Enfield Electra with Cozy Rocket sidecar is for sale on eBay in Charleston, W.Va. accompanied by an unusually complete description of the bike, the brand and its pluses and minuses.

I'm always impressed by sellers who take the time to put their vehicles in context for potential buyers.

In this case, the seller, Paul Nadas, includes this friendly note of caution:

"Those not familiar with the Royal Enfield sidecar unit should be aware that this set-up is not suitable for 'freeway' (Interstate) use. It simply does not have the power to 'cruise' at Interstate speeds. That said, I can 'drive' happily all day on the wonderful secondary roads all around my 'home state' of West Virginia at a comfortable 50-55 mph without concern. Those wanting a sidecar rig for 'long legged' interstate travel on the 'concrete slabs' of the Interstate Highway system need to consider a machine with more power and displacement than this classic 500cc single-cylinder machine."

There's even more advice for someone who may be considering purchase of their first sidecar rig:

"This should be considered one unit: you don’t just remove and re-install the sidecar at will for a two wheel ride. Although it can be removed, the intention is to be 'driven' as one unit, and is to be sold as one unit. Adding a sidecar to a motorcycle, although attached at the dealer is a highly specialized project. 'Marrying a sidecar to a bike' is both science and art. The owner gave the dealer all the time they wanted to fine-tune, test drive, and tweak the attachment, as it is not as simple as one might think."

This is more than just the full disclosure every seller ought to offer in an advertisement. It's good, first-hand, real-world advice you might otherwise have to gain through pain.

There's a lot more to this long, long ad, all well worth reading, including an explanation of why the owner removed the windshield. I'll let you discover that for yourself.

This sidecar rig is for sale for $7,999. It has 10,280 miles and you'll need to go to Charleston, W.Va. or arrange for shipping to get it. Check out the ad for yourself.
Cozy Rocket sidecar with Royal Enfield Electra.

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