Friday, April 27, 2012

Royal Enfield trip through India for

Kenneth Maginnity with my Royal Enfield in Fort Lauderdale.
An old Royal Enfield motorcycle will carry Kenneth Maginnity across India. The Australian plans to leave Mumbai for Maharashtra on May 19 on his restored 1965 Bullet.

Maginnity is a private chef, serving until recently aboard one of the great white yachts that cruise the Caribbean, stopping in my home town of Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

On one recent cruise, Kenneth visited my house to watch while I serviced my Enfield, doing tasks he'll undertake on the road in India.

He's riding 5,500 miles across India to raise funds for The organization provides small loans and business training to poor people around the world. You can see his donation page here.  He calls his project India on an Enfield.

Kenneth has invited riders in India to join him on his route. Here is part of his schedule, posted on his India on an Enfield Facebook page:

May 19 Mumbai - Maharashtra
May 20 Maharashtra - Goa
May 23 Goa - Shinoli
May 24 Shinoli - Alore
May 25 Alore - Pune
May 27 Pune - Ukai
May 28 Ukai - Anand
May 29 Anand - Alang
May 31 Alang - Ahmedabad
June 1 Ahmedabad - Udaipur
June 2 Udaipur - Rawatbhata
June 4 Rawatbhata - Palpur-Kuno
June 7 Palpur-Kuno - Sambhar
June 9 Sambhar - Jaipur
July 4 Sarchu - Manali
July 8 Manali - Shimla
July 10 Shimla - Haridwar
July 14 Haridwar - Delhi
July 23 Delhi - Bareilly
July 24 Bareilly - Bhairahawa

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