Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Royal Enfield C5 cafe racer seeks 100 mph

Builders convert a Royal Enfield C5 to a cafe racer.
A Royal Enfield cafe racer capable of doing 100 miles per hour is the goal the Velocity Channel's Cafe Racer program has set for itself.

"If it doesn't do the ton, it's not a cafe racer," seems to be the program's motto.

The pretty, pastel green Royal Enfield C5 is seen in the short trailer here coming apart. Removing parts saves 32 pounds, the builders gloat.

Rider Blake Kelly expresses admiration for the vintage British look of the modern Royal Enfield Bullet, pointing out that it's a new bike that won't need to be restored during the process of converting it to a cafe racer.

On the other hand, it's original enough in looks that it (looks like) "it comes already leaking oil."

Steering dampener added to front suspension.
He also calls it a "wobble monster," and reports that in stock form he got it "to 80 and it was a scary 80 at that."

The builders are seen fitting a steering dampener to cure that.


  1. Matt Law4/26/2012


  2. Well, it seems to me that cafe racers are all about bragging rights. You wouldn't need one if you weren't going to the cafe to brag about it, right?

  3. I've had my B5 up to an indicated 82, which I suspect is actually 77 or so, and did not find it to be unstable at all. Perhaps it's because the B5 has 19" wheels. I've read that single inch in diameter can make quite a difference, and that Grand Prix bikes used to run 19's for that reason.


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