Friday, January 6, 2012

Royal Enfield means three very different motorcycles

Big, wide and red: Royal Enfield Indian Chief.
"What would you say are your three favorite photos that represent Royal Enfields to you?" That was the question my daughter asked me.

I turned the question on readers of this blog.

Not surprising is that one reader, best known on the Internet by his handle Tom Oil,  thinks of his own three motorcycles when he thinks of Royal Enfields.

The only way to improve an Interceptor is to make it shine. This one does.
They are magnificent. The Nevada resident sent these three great pictures of his 1960 Enfield Indian Chief, 1968  S1A  Interceptor (freshly restored) and 2008 Bullet Classic — with springer front end!

I'm still accepting nominations for pictures that represent Royal Enfields to you. Email me at

A modern Royal Enfield Bullet with springer front end!


  1. I love the Chief. If you ever want to sell it contact me via BritBike Forum.

  2. Matt Law1/06/2012 funny that you posted this today...I have three running Bullets,enough parts to build most of a fourth one,and I'm going to Pensacola next Sunday,to pick up a 1959 Chief like the one in the top photo!Pix to follow,for sure!

  3. Anonymous1/12/2012

    I don't know if this will post:
    Linking to a pic of my 1956 Tomahawk, which I restored to a "street scrambler" spec with the 60's scrambles tank, sports seat and 18" WM3 wheel with 4" tire. It runs and rides great. I am still working on the high pipes which have been more of a challenge than I thought!


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