Friday, January 27, 2012

Mirrors for a Royal Enfield Bullet; these are outrageous

Bright color might look right on a scooter.
Would you put these rear-view mirrors on your classic Royal Enfield Bullet?

That's the question posed by reader John Sparrow, who spotted these bright yellow mirrors in an eBay advertisement selling a 2000 Royal Enfield. in Birmingham, UK.

All I can think is that the owner considers the shocking color a safety measure. Many accidents happen when motorists fail to see an oncoming motorcycle and turn in front of it.

You might prefer to avert your eyes from these outlandishly bright mirrors; but how can you?

They'll see you coming; but not whether you're turning.
What strikes me is that the mirrors are below the handlebars. They appear to be mounted where the front  turn signals (missing on this bike) are normally attached. I might not do it, but I think it's a clever idea.

On the other hand, if the owner was considering safety first, eliminating front turn signals probably is not an improvement.
There's no danger of denting the tank with these.
There is nothing to be gained in criticizing someone's taste. And you have to admit: it's different.

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