Monday, January 2, 2012

Classic V-twin says 'Royal Enfield" to him

Royal Enfield V-twin looks substantial in every detail.
When it comes to picking great pictures of Royal Enfields, Jorge Pullin knows what he is doing. His blog is My Royal Enfields, where he has created the virtual Royal Enfield Early Years Museum, showcasing photos and information about Royal Enfield motorcycles from the beginning right up through 1929.

Why 1929? Because Jorge found this the (previously) least documented period of Royal Enfield history. There is an outstanding "wing"  of the museum devoted to the history of Royal Enfield in the United States.

When I asked for "favorite photos that represent Royal Enfields to you" Jorge was quick to make a nomination. The photo above is from a Facebook page based in India that posts images of Royal Enfields.

The motorcycle is a pre-war V-twin, shown off with a sidecar and draped with the Union Jack at a motorcycle show somewhere.

Its tank is proud and shiny. Its handlebars are bold (why don't they mount handlebars like these today? These look like they would give enough leverage to wrestle an elephant to the ground).

Details like pillion seat, hand shift, side mounted horn and fishtail exhaust put this motorcycle in a class with real class.

But the dark silencer, spokes, rims and hubs suggest a motorcycle that has seen road use and perhaps still does.

Jorge even provided this illustration showing that the pictured motorcycle is a Model K of 1939.

Royal Enfield Model K of 1939.
Are there more nominations out there? Readers, let's see what you like. Email me at


  1. Matt Law1/02/2012

    1140cc's?Wow!What a BEAUTY!!!

  2. This would be the last bike I'd ever want. So, amazing.

  3. Anonymous1/11/2012

    When is Royal Enfield going to sell a parallel twin? I remember they were working on one and had decided to do that instead of a V twin!


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