Wednesday, December 21, 2011

What is your favorite photo of a Royal Enfield?

Am I getting a custom made Royal Enfield t-shirt for Christmas? I don't know, but I do know that this email arrived earlier in December from my daughter, Erin:

"What would you say are your three favorite photos that represent Royal Enfields to you? Totally random."

I really had to think about this. What is my favorite image representing Royal Enfield motorcycles? I ought to know the answer to that, aside from the fact that Erin is very handy and it is possible I will end up with a t-shirt or set of note cards displaying it.

It seems to me that the answer should go beyond photographs to images of all sorts, even advertisements, technical drawings and videos. Perhaps the images "that represent Royal Enfields to you" won't even include a Royal Enfield in the picture.

I'll post some of my favorites here in coming days.

The casquette, the "face" of many Royal Enfield motorcycles.
My first, probably, is the nacelle or casquette, the "face" of most Royal Enfield motorcycles since 1954. Nothing does more to establish that you're looking at a Royal Enfield than seeing the two little pilot lights perched above the headlight.

There's something cheerful about it. I'll even go further and say that I think there's some resemblance to a human face.Every time I walk into the garage I feel the motorcycle is greeting me with a smile and begging to go for a ride.

Readers, what is your favorite picture of Royal Enfield? I'm now accepting nominations at

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  1. Anonymous12/21/2011

    That is too funny, as I have always thought of the headlight assembly as a human face. When I back my car into the garage every night after work, I see my white Royal Enfield looking at me with a big "hello" coming out of the headlight. It puts a smile on my face everytime!


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